Organization of Tournament Tours in France.
Come and play 10 tournaments per month on any surface of your choice.
France has the best tournament system in the world.
Coach with international experience.

Who is it for?

11 to 30 year old boys and girls of all levels. If you are at a good level or are ATP ranked, you can get benefits by participating in paid interclubs.

When and where?

From May 25th to September 30th (if you want to attend Roland Garros, you must travel in the last week of May).

We are in Yvelines, in the Paris region which is an hour away from Paris, in a house where you'll feel at home. One of the best places to play in the country.

Personalized Schedules.

Why should you do it?

Come and play 10 tournaments per month on different surfaces. France has the best organizational system in the world.

On average the kids play between 5 and 7 games per week.

A great way to get experience in tournaments and improve your level.

More than 5.000 summer tournaments for all levels.

You can participate in 2 or 3 tournaments per week.

Paid Tournaments which allow participants to earn money to pay expenses.

Players from all around the world have played in France (Gaston Gaudio, Maximo Gonzalez, Richard Gasquet, Gael Monfils, among others.)

Full organization catered for by us which will allow you to focus fully on your tennis playing.

The aim of this course is to improve the players’ level by participating in as many tournaments as possible in a short period of time which is something impossible to do anywhere else in the world. The best way to improve your level is to play as many games as possible under real pressure.

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